Hi, welcome!

I’m a PhD candidate in Sydney, and a doer of diverse things.

What's in this site?

I dabble in a bit of everything. I program software, write articles, sculpt things, paint things, carve things, learn things, design, assemble and build things. This is where I put all the stuff I want to share in a more permanent format.

This site's purpose has changed many times since I founded it, so as you look around you may find fragments of the past. I keep these because I worry about losing the history that's in this website. You may find something in them for yourself.

Things I'm super proud of

I made a rapid note-taking tool called Scratchpad, an automation program called Instant Text Automator, and heaps of other productivity tools.

I've also made lots of web software, including a Random Noun Generator and an auto-linking story engine called Ligature.

I launched a creativity tool called PlayThinker; it's a deck of cards that breaks game interactions into atomic parts.

What have I been up to?

2015 Apr 02 — I redesigned this website and retired Writer's Block, the software I wrote more than 10 years ago to run this website.

2014 Aug 18 — I looked for trends in 5 months of full-time science job listings in Sydney.

2013 Nov 29 — I wrote The big guide to working with PDFs for students and knowledge workers, which covers how to repair faulty PDFs and how to work with them efficiently.

2013 Nov 28 — I hacked together PDF Note Automator, which automates the process of making export-ready PDF highlights in Adobe Reader.

I do other things too!

I use my stereo-microscope to take photos of flowers and insects in a project called Let's Make Micrographs!

I used to author a single-panel webcomic called Gradually, But With Love.

My game development efforts were posted at Cowface Games.

That's all there is; there isn't any more.
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