Hi, welcome!

I’m a PhD candidate in Sydney, and a collector of practical skills.

Who am I?

I'm Desi. I program software; build electronics; rapid-prototype physical designs with wire, cardboard, and 3D printers; write articles; design and build websites; sculpt, paint, carve, assemble, and troubleshoot things.

I'm doing a doctorate about the interactions between native Australian legumes and the insect food webs that they support. It's great! I scratch my head at problems and come up with ways to do science at larger scales and lower cost.

This website is where I put all the stuff I want to share with a wide audience, in a more permanent format. Its purpose has changed many times since I founded it, so as you look around you may find fragments of the past. I keep these because I worry about losing the history that's in this website. You may find something in them for yourself.

Things I'm super proud of

I made a rapid note-taking tool called Scratchpad, an automation program called Instant Text Automator, and heaps of other productivity tools.

I authored a creativity tool for video game developers called PlayThinker; it's a deck of cards that breaks in-game interactions into atomic parts.

I've also made lots of web software, including the Random Noun Generator and Count My Days.com, which counts down the (very approximate) number of days you have left to live.

What have I been up to?

2017 Nov 24 — I made a scientific poster about weevils attacking unexpected plant species. Thanks, climate change!

2017 Sep 30 — I shared my findings re. diagnosing vibration problems in 3D printing.

2017 Sep 28 — I wrote The Complete Guide to 3D Printing on Blue Tape.

2017 May 30 — I wrote a guide to setting flow rate correctly for 3D printing.

2016 Sep 21 — I made Universal WASD Controls to add WASD movement to any top-down RPG (Diablo, Grim Dawn, Torchlight, and so on).

2016 Jul 12 — I shared my kit of 'vitamins' (objects like screws and springs that can't/shouldn't be printed) to urge other amateur 3D designers to maintain a kit of their own.

I do other things too!

I use my stereo-microscope to take photos of flowers and insects in a project called Let's Make Micrographs!

I used to author a single-panel webcomic called Gradually, But With Love.

My game development efforts were posted at Cowface Games.

That's all there is, there isn't any more.
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