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'Paper Tiger' is what this website used to be called when it functioned as my teenage blog. The blog is now retired, and this is an archive of the blog posts that remained at the start of the archiving date in March 2015.

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What exists now (2014 and onwards) is actually the 3rd iteration of this site. What you see below is everything from the 2nd iteration. I brazenly deleted everything from the 1st iteration, and I’ve come to regret that, so I’m hanging on to the 2nd iteration.

This site’s purpose has changed many times since I founded it, so as you look around you may find fragments of the past. Things like half-finished lists, posts lacking context and so on. There are also things I wrote a long time ago, and which I might no longer agree with now that I’m older. I might even be embarrassed that I wrote them in the first place! I keep these out of interest and because I worry about losing the history that’s in this website. You may find something in them for yourself.

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