Rollover is coming

Created on Tuesday, October 4, 2005.
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I’m getting ready to rollover the current site’s content to the new system. It’s working great: some newbie typos here and there have spat out about sixty unique errors over the course of Writer’s Block‘s development (yes, the new system is called Writer’s Block, just because I thought “Oh, this program I’m making is for writers, and it’ll have a block of features.”

The rollover is happening in parallel to the existing system, so once all the articles are in here it’s simply a matter of deleting the old files and adding the new ones: a downtime of about thirty seconds.

There are still a few things I need to make (the RSS generator especially, just for Kallese) and undoubtedly some stuff that I’ll need to fix.

But it will work.

News Flash: I learned XHTML 1․0 just for Writer’s Block. It’s not terribly hard since I already know HTML, but it irks me to have to type different formatting and newline tags.

Addendum: I should stress that this site has been going since July 2002, but because my chronic dislike of third-party blogging tools led me to use tools didn’t support post conversion, three years of posts are now lost in what we web-savvy studs called the Hinternet. It is not a major 'oh my God’ loss, I assure you.

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