Four hours till Wii

Created on Wednesday, December 6, 2006.
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Hardcore gamers will be gathering in a few hours to grab a good spot at one of the Wii’s midnight launch parties being held across Australia. I can’t be with them, unfortunately (I pre-ordered at a store that isn’t hosting a party, and I start work at 4AM), but if I can find a working digital camera in this house I’ll bring it with me, take a few snaps of any lines I’m waiting in or cute Nintendo fangirls when I collect my Wii after work, as I promised before.

The plan for tonight and tomorrow is:

  1. Sleep after I glean as much launch info as necessary to calm me down.
  2. Wake up, check my bank balance, get excited. Did I mention I never spend money I don’t have?
  3. Work (hopefully only for eight hours), then drive forty-or-so kilometres to my game shop.
  4. Wait in line a little (or a lot).
  5. Become poor.
  6. Show Wii to family. Play until reasonably late at night, then come to work haggard and with a stupid grin on my face.

Oh yes, dearest reader. Oh yes.

P.S. Karl Stefanovic on the Today show this morning, when asked how much the Wii cost, first admitted that he had “no idea,” then went on to say to the country, “was it $1200?”. Effectively tripling what the non-gamer public thought the RRP was in a few short seconds. He should never speak again.

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