ADSL outage over NSW

Created on Saturday, December 16, 2006.
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I’m recording these events so that Google can have a record of what has happened today.

At around 1:30 this morning, I was fiddling with my modem’s configuration when it spontaneously refused to connect to the internet. Modem diagnostics found that the connection request met an authentication failure. I triple-checked my login details, powercycled my hardware, checked my modem and router settings. After an hour of head-scratching and thinking I bricked my modem, I went to sleep.

Just before 8:30 this morning my ISP, Netspace, reported an ADSL outage throughout New South Wales and listed a fault with the upstream provider, Telstra.

Three and a half hours later it looked like a power outage. Two hours later and it appeared that there was a fibre cut in the area. An hour later it was confirmed that the problem was due to a fibre cut, and that it was being repaired. This was at 2:08 PM.

It is now 9:17 PM, no updates have been listed and ADSL is still not authenticating. Telstra lists several service disruptions occuring today, including one that is affecting all of NSW presently, but the Status pages of other ISPs don’t indicate problems, so it’s unclear whether this is an across-the-board problem or just one affecting Netspace.

Telstra says that they expect the problem to be fixed by noon tomorrow. I hope it’s much earlier.

Edit (11:35 PM) — ADSL is now functioning. Good work! This is the first time since 9:17 PM I have tried to connect to ADSL, so it may have been fixed even earlier.

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