FF VII ist krieg

Created on Wednesday, January 17, 2007.
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Well, does anyone remember Final Fantasy VII? The game that brought role-playing games to the mainstream? Combat in FF VII was turn-based and to the best of my knowledge it had no blood, not even in cutscenes. Not even in that cutscene.

So you can imagine how badly it threw me off when I heard that two seventeen year-olds murdered two adults and took a teenage girl hostage in Germany. What did they call themselves? Reno and Sephiroth. What game is being blamed for inciting them to crime? Final Fantasy VII.

This is not the only oddity to come from the anti–violent-game sentiment in Germany. Last year the studio of Crytek, makers of PC first-person shooting game Crysis and the homes surrounding it were raided by the German police investigating a software copyright infringment (apparently installing a licensed product on more than one computer). Accompanying the Police tech team were, as recounted by Crysis staffers, over one hundred flak-jacketed and armed police. German legislators have passed laws banning the sale of games that depict violence against humans or humanoids. They recently drafted a law that would jail anyone who developed or even played such a video game.

Germany is killing one of its must lucrative industries. Censoring violence only draws more attention to the past. What a waste.

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