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Created on Thursday, February 1, 2007.
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I know Nintendo only cares about my money, but I’ll be danged if I can stop giving it to them. I bought a SNES. I bought a Gameboy Colour. I bought a Wii on launch day, just a bit more than a month ago. And now, because I played some kid’s Nintendo DS for, like, five minutes, I’m buying a DS Lite very soon, possibly even as soon as Sunday.

I justify this purchase as portable entertainment to be had while waiting before and in-between TAFE classes. This is a weak excuse, but the only one I have. I might even start coming to work half an hour early — for absolutely no good reason — specifically to make some play time.

Toys R Us is selling a Nintendogs bundle for $197, which includes a DS Lite (they have a surplus of Polar White units, which is exactly the colour I want) and a copy of Nintendogs. The closest competitor is EB Games, which is selling only the system for $183. $14 for one of the DS’ killer apps isn’t bad.

I’m already throwing $15 every week or so to Nintendo for the privilege of downloading a decades-old game on the Wii’s Shop Channel. Nintendo products print money.

Update: I got my DS today, Friday the 2nd of February. I have Nintendogs (Daschund) and Cooking Mama so far.

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