Needless expense

Created on Sunday, February 11, 2007.
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Let me just reiterate my irrational love for eBay.

Last week I went to Tandy Electronics to buy a 1GB Micro SD card so I could play homebrew on my DS. Guy tried to sell it to me for $80.

I will not pay the equivalent of a new-release game for a simple memory card.

Just now on eBay I got a better-branded 1GB card for less than $27. Savings! While I was there I picked up some retractable stylii and a case with a belt loop. Belt carry is so money.

I’m also on holidays now, so aside from catching up with video games, I’m also reasonably open (or, slightly more open than before) to going places. You know, like kids these days do.

No Wii party. No good new games have come out yet, as far as I know.

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