Wii Play in US

Created on Wednesday, February 14, 2007.
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I’ve just been reminded that Wii Play has only just been released in the States. I got Wii Play at launch here in Australia because it was essentially a Wiimote with a $10 game attached.

I played it for maybe forty-five minutes, it was so unremarkable (granted, it was really the E3 tech demos shown alongside the Wii). Why are you getting so excited America, and why were you so upset that Australia got it at launch and you didn’t?

I mean, at launch I would rather have had the States’ deal of twenty games and no Wii Play than Australia’s deal of just nine games, only one or two of which were undeniably good.

P.S. I love the new ad for Apple’s Macintosh PCs, the one where they say that upgrading an IBM-compatible PC involves buying and installing lots of expensive and confusing hardware, and isn’t it so much easier with a Mac? This is absolutely true, because if you want to do anything more rigorous with a Mac than installing more memory, especially with a self-contained model like an iMac or a Mac Mini, the upgrade process is very straight-forward.

You have to buy an entirely new one, because the new cards may not even fit in the computer’s chassis.

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