Commodore is next-gen

Created on Thursday, March 8, 2007.
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Anyone remember playing games on a Commodore 64? 64 kibibytes of RAM! My favourite was Guardian — like Starfox on a Nintendo system, but with more freedom and infinitely cooler. Inches-large polygons all the way.

Well, Commodore is rumoured to be making gaming PCs for the next generation of video games, which will be super-awesome to watch. It would be especially rewarding, in a geeky sort of way, to have a keyboard that shares the same theme as the C64, but smaller and with rearranged key positions for gaming.

Also on the subject of retro, I found the coolest thing ever just floating around on the internet: Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls text adventure games on your DS. I can’t stop playing Nord and Bert Couldn’t Make Heads or Tails of It. Love that game.

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