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Created on Sunday, March 11, 2007.
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Spent $200 (I talked the guy down a little) today on:

Logitech G3 Gaming Mouse — $69
2000 DPI, five buttons and another button that lets you switch sensitivity settings on-the-fly. Pwn. It’s also got a DryGrip surface that I can learn nothing about on the internet; I’m guessing the nicely patterned plastic inlay on top of the mouse is actually some sort of odd heatsink. It is staying cooler than the rest of the mouse.

DDR400 512MB RAM module — a pair, $69 each
Upgraded my rig to 2GB of RAM so I could play STALKER on full settings when it comes in the mail, and also so that I can play Oblivion with Grass set to its highest draw distance. If I ever stop hating Oblivion.

I’ve also got lots of things coming in the mail from eBay, including:

  • Plain stainless steel ring
  • Plain stainless steel pocket watch
  • Just Cause for PC
  • Beyond Good and Evil for PC
  • and a pre-order of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which I will get near the end of March.

Man. My excuse is this: that I don’t drink, or smoke, or take drugs, or even eat out, so I indulge in my hobby. My hobby being gaming. Single-player gaming.

I enjoyed leaving the house, though. I should do it more often. And why am I buying things like a ring and a pocket watch? Because in a few weeks I’ll buy more clothes, and after that I plan to get out a tiny bit more. Just a tiny bit.

Oh, and I did the old Doom 3 Ultra High Quality test to see if my computer was awesome. It is. Zero slowdown.

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