Long silence

Created on Tuesday, July 3, 2007.
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I’ve been pretty busy and slack for, what, the past twenty-three days?

I went paintballing yesterday, and got hit in the you-know-where. When I got back behind cover to check myself, the paint had bounced off instead of breaking, so I was still in the game. I spent the rest of it running and shooting and groaning the whole time. I was trying to find the guy who did it so I could tell him what an awesome shot it was, but no one came forward.

I do feel bad about overshooting, though. My group was with a larger group of high school kids who’d never played paintball before. In paintball only balls that break and deposit a paint splat can mark a player as dead, so here I was putting maybe five or six balls on the same guy because the paint just wouldn’t break. Perhaps teenage flab was cushioning them? Either way they were all taller than I was, so it’s not like I was hammering away at a little ten year-old.

All in all, a great day. Enjoyed playing with my own gear, and not having the silly goggles with 170° vision or the rental overalls that bunched incredibly at my legs.

I’m going to see a few movies tomorrow, if my legs let me. Transformers I’m told is good. Also Blades of Glory.

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