Created on Sunday, July 29, 2007.
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A Croquembouche is a cone of profiteroles bound together with caramel. It is a corruption of the French croque en bouche, ‘crunch in mouth’.

The one I made today had more than fifty profiteroles, alternately filled with vanilla custard and chocolate custard. It took just longer than thirty minutes to assemble, but an inordinately long time waiting for the caramel to reach a suitable colour. It stood at about 50cm tall.

Funny story: I noticed that the entire weight of the croquembouche was resting on perhaps four profiteroles. Worrying. To stabilise it I added another profiterole to the base, and unwittingly also made it stand almost perfectly straight (‘straight’ is like the Holy Grail). I said, “Aaaay!” and hiked a double thumbs-up, just like the Fonz, bless him.

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