Created on Sunday, August 26, 2007.
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I bought Bioshock when it was released on Friday, and have so far played about eighteen hours of it and gotten just over halfway through it. Very, very good game. If you have a 360 or a graphics card in your PC that supports Shader Model 3, then special item get!

If you’ve read a bit of what the media is saying about it, you’ll notice that they’ve fixated on characters called Little Sisters — specifically, that you can kill them to harvest the resource they’re carrying. The usual knee-jerk FUD.

But this is a very good article about the Little Sisters and their significance within the game as a text, and of little girls within the entire genre of horror.

But yes, the game is brilliant. It’s not only a very good and fair shooter (‘fair’ is when a game gives you the tools to get the job done, instead of just giving you thirty rounds and a corridor of respawning enemies), but it explores the unnatural evolution of man through unrestrained scientific research. And even though the game deals with genetics, I can’t help but draw a parallel with that and with cyberaugmentation — we all want to be a bit smarter, a bit stronger. But how do we stop ourselves from improving every other aspect? And how much can we augment ourselves until we stop being human?

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