Jamie Kane is dead

Created on Thursday, November 3, 2005.
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The ubiquitous rocker Jamie Kane is dead, but conspiracy is always afoot.

Admittedly the Jamie Kane game is aimed at girls, but I’m so curious about Alternate Reality Games, and so eager for one to get started in Australia, that I’ll play anything in the meantime. In the UK an ARG called Triskabiblios involves travel, meeting game characters, land mail, phone calls — all very creepy and quite fun. You should jump on the bandwagon as it cruises to the future of immersive gaming.

Writer’s Block v3․3 is copping a massive Admin section redesign (it’s now well sexy) and another major addition beside the ones already completed: comment body checking as part of the Spamguard anti-spam feature.
Last month was really cool: 937 unique visitors, a jump of almost 300 in one month! I blame Writer’s Block for my sudden minor popularity.

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