Hell or high water

Created on Thursday, October 18, 2007.
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While driving home I was thinking of how best to make a promise, when the phrase, ‘come hell or high water’ came to mind.

If you look it up on the internet you’ll get all sorts of definitions — most don’t try to explain the history behind the expression, and one even traces the etymology to the frontier days, where cowboys drove their cattle through high water river crossings and the general hell of the country in between.

Hell or high water, to me, is about Judgement Day (if you buy it); that the promise will be kept until all people are either sent to hell, or God decides that humanity is beyond saving and floods the earth to ruin, just like in the good old days of Noah and Friends.

What’s interesting about making an oath using this term is that if everyone is either damned or dead, it means they haven’t gone to heaven. And if you haven’t been a good enough person to get to heaven, what chance have you to keep this oath?

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