An odd skill

Created on Friday, November 16, 2007.
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I’ve written before about how I can see connections where there are none (it’s called apophenia), and how I have epiphany moments every month or so, like when I see a leaf on the wind or a crack in the pavement and know that it’s significant, but not know how, and that I understand everything in that brief moment.

I don’t think I’ve told you that I can hear electronics. In high school I used to walk through the halls and know that a class was watching a film, even when there was no audio — no voices or music or ambient sound — coming from the film at the time.

I can also hear microwave ovens, DVD players, game consoles and computer monitors when they’re on standby. I stopped using a digital clock because I could hear it in the night. I hear all of these as a constant dull squeal, in a pitch so high that it is almost inaudible. Indeed, a lot of people hear no such thing, but I know there are a few people like me. Do you hear it?

PS: Totally unrelated to what I just wrote about: the cake is a lie, and I have a Weighted Companion Cube hanging from my rear-view mirror.

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