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Created on Sunday, November 18, 2007.
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Some confusion exists over the music I like to listen to. The songs on my MP3 player are mostly mellow pop-rock, so much so that my workmates dislike me playing it over the kitchen radio, calling it funeral music.

To give you an idea of my music, the major bands (and my favorite songs from them) on my MP3 player are:

  • Death Cab For Cutie — Stability
  • Coldplay — The Scientist
  • Kisschasy — Black Dress
  • Matchbox 20 — The Difference
  • The Fray — Unsaid
  • The Rocket Summer — Goodbye Waves and Driveways

So yeah, I suppose it could be called funeral music. As with most activities, I think listening to music should be done with an end in mind, a reason. And for me that reason is to share the way I see the world with those around me.

I like music that draws attention to our weaknesses and shortcomings because people my age think they’re invincible, and that they’re ready for anything, that flesh can fix the problems of the ‘soul’, and that small decisions have no consequences, and who cares? But the reasons for all the loneliness and indignity in the world are human, all too human, and listening to music that does not get that fact into your head is like ignoring a fire catching in the rafters of your house, and only when the world is aflame will people wonder how they never noticed it changing.

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