New Year

Created on Monday, December 31, 2007.
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What is there to say about a new year’s resolution?

We say we’ll do one thing, but end with another. We are always working. We are always at home. We drink. We smoke. We quit. We start again. We gain something and we lose it. We make mistakes and do not learn from them. We make promises we cannot keep. We chase our tails. We forget our dreams. We police ourselves for no good reason. We are faithful. We tell lies. We anger much too quickly. We smile, but only sometimes. We attach a little hope to the new year because maybe this time, something will change. We live for the now with disregard for the future. We live to the fullest, and we die a little more every day. We do so few things for love. We forget, and we run away. We hate ourselves until someone proves that we are worth loving. We feel lost. We feel alone. We find someone and feel happy. And finally, we’re home.

Happy new year. May this one be better than the last.

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