Created on Friday, March 21, 2008.
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I’ve gotten to the point where video games don’t actually interest me anymore.

I love gaming, but I can’t physically bring myself to play a game, even on days like this where all I do is sit in front of a PC, because every game is more or less the same, and if it isn’t the same, it doesn’t gratify as quickly as I’d like. My tastes have changed over time, and while I played Final Fantasy VII non-stop throughout high school, now that I work ten or twelve hours a day I don’t have the stomach for that kind of time sink and I’d rather play Call of Duty or Faces of War, something immediate and visceral that has a minimum of set-up and plenty of pay-off.

Besides the gaming hiatus, I can’t bring myself to read, and I don’t like the movies now showing, and I really don’t like television. And after that, I don’t like the direction my generation is taking, so I don’t go out on the town.

And yet, I don’t feel bored at all. It just feels like I don’t’t need any of that.

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