Created on Tuesday, May 6, 2008.
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From a year of waking up at three in the morning every weekday to go bake cakes for strangers, I still wake in the early hours even though I do a normal shift now.

I generally fill this time with computer games, or reading nodes on Everything2. But really what I’d like to do is pick up my friend from her house, knowing that she’s probably awake at that time, and share this with her. At three in the morning there is no noise, no bustle, and our senses sharpen to fill the gulf. There is only us, and only we are there to judge each other. We can float paper boats on a river flowing in a storm gutter. We can trail wads of money from the windows of my car while we shout crazy things. We can buy bags upon bags of candy and leave it on the ground for the pigeons in the morning. The world, now calmed, is beautiful and we own it because there is no one there to take it from us.

That's all there is, there isn't any more.
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