Soul Age

Created on Thursday, June 5, 2008.
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So maybe I am a crank and a killjoy and any number of things, but more than any of those, I feel old. More and more I subscribe to the idea of a soul age; that, man, we float around forever and might settle into a body for a few years or so, and then get moving again.

It makes sense that I would be literally old when you consider the fact that I am not surprised by anything, that eating is a chore and food is ash in my mouth, that I find it hard to connect with other young people and understand why they’re doing something, and what’s so fun about it.

It may also explain the dreams, and why I take up unusual hobbies such as blacksmithing and like old things like typewriters, ditto machines and fountain pens.

It’s also a nice foil for my tendency to look at the big picture. To wit: most of us will be dead in fourty or sixty years, and the jobs we do will forever be redone, and the companies we work for will probably fail in even less time, and everything you’ve ever learned, you’ll forget it in the end. Though I’m not distressed by this, other people are because it is undoubtedly a feckless waste. Maybe for people like that, the idea of soul age is comforting.

Also: Building a new forge, forging some more stuff, pictures later.

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