Lessons learned

Created on Monday, June 16, 2008.
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So I don’t have any new pictures of the blacksmithing. There’s a reason for that.

And the reason is that I’ve tried to make tongs twice this week, and twice I’ve failed. The first time I had left the steel in the fire too long, and when I came back it was sparking everywhere and the front part of the tongs had melted off, leaving me with the rein in my hand and a knowing look on my face.

The second failure, this afternoon, I tried to adjust a tong half while it was cold, and shattered it.

Lessons are being learned, though! I’m learning to read a fire, to know how hot it is, how much air is getting to it, and if something is blocking the airflow. I also learned that steel quenched fast is too brittle to hammer without breakage, and it must be annealed (softened) for me to do anything with it while cold. Simple lessons learned the hard way. I’ll try tongs again this weekend.

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