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Created on Friday, November 14, 2008.
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Call of Duty: World At War was only released two days ago here in Australia, and it’s unbelievably broken. I am running it on my badass software-crushing computer, and I cannot even get past the menu to start a new game. Patch 1.1 has already been released but, inexplicably, it does not fix the problem that people can’t even run the game. Treyarch needs to patch this crap pronto. How soon? A year ago.

All my drivers are up to date, but the game is taking up a hell of a lot of CPU (95% or even 100%), which leads me to believe that when they decided to optimise the game for multi-core processors, they treated every processor as if it was multi-core, thus stacking Core 1 up to the ceiling with garbage because hey, they’ve got one or three cores left to play with.

First problem was that the game would freeze as a solid black screen without sound before even playing the developer logo and intro. Problem was solved by deleting the developer logo (treyarch.bik) from C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\main\video.

Second problem is that I cannot start a new game. I select the mission (or just start a new campaign) and choose the difficulty level, and then the game freezes cold and hogs the processor. This is something which only a patch can fix.

Multiplayer still works, but man, I suck unless I get used to the game through solo play first.

Jesus Christ I hate you, Treyarch Corporation. First the crap that was CoD3, and now this. I guess Quantum of Solace will make my computer explode, then?

Off-topic: I complained in the previous entry that I did not consider Fallout 3 to truly carry on the traditions of the Fallout series because it was too easy. High on my list of complaints was the abundance of caps and ammo, meaning that you never had to make any hard choices like having to sell medicine to get ammo, or sell your only weapon to pay your medical bills. I found a mod called WelcomeToTheWasteland that slows your levelling, makes radiation more dangerous, cuts down on ammo and suchlike. I’ll tell you how it goes.

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