Cat stuck inside wall

Created on Sunday, November 23, 2008.
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At around 1PM today, a very windy and rainy day, I heard something falling in the back corner of my room. About twenty minutes later I heard something scratching its way down the wall behind my computer desk (on the opposite side of the room), and then begin squealing.

So now there is a cat stuck inside my wall cavity. Or, well, a stray kitten.

It’s still there, seven hours later, and I cut a sizeable hole in the drywall basically a metre away from my computer chair, and I can see it sitting just inside, but it is too far away to be able to grab it with any certainty of success. During the day it came to the hole twice, but only looked at us, meowed, and retreated. For now I am starving it out in the hope that it will venture out at night and bother me, and then I will nab it. If it’s not out by tomorrow we’ll have to call the RSPCA and get them to bait and trap it.

I kind of want to keep it. It looks cute. Throughout the day I thrust a camera into the hole and took pictures of it to see how it was doing, and if it was still there.

About ten minutes after cutting the hole.

Asleep, two hours after cutting the hole.

Seven hours after cutting the hole. You can see that it’s getting a bit bolder.

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