Sweating after showers

Created on Saturday, December 6, 2008.
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With the return of hated Summer, it’s time that I reminded you, my dearest readers, that I wrote an article on how not to sweat after a shower. Here is just a single testimonial in the surprisingly voluminous feedback I’ve received from it!

“You are a genius! I have been sweating after my showers like a whore in church, but no more! I followed your instructions to the letter and I am now sitting at my kitched table with just a tiny bead or two. I’ve been drying my hair with the cool setting on my blow dryer, but no more! Life is good. You’re a genius. I’m praying for all the best for you your whole life long. Did I mention you’re a genius?”

Thanks for your feedback! And here is how to avoid sweating after a shower.

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