How I cracked my head

Created on Tuesday, November 22, 2005.
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When I was just two or three and living in the Philippines I cracked my head open when I tripped. I think it was a speed hump that I tripped over, was running blindly after something and caught my foot on the rise of the speed hump and fell straight down, landing square on my forehead. It was not painful as I remember it, just a mere inconvenience for all the blood streaming down the bridge of my nose.

That cost me around ten stitches.

About a year later I tripped again, this time on a flat concrete floor. I fell just like I had before, my feet as the fulcrum and my forehead slap against the floor. I forget what I was running after then, but the impact split my stitches open.

That cost me around twelve stitches.

At four years old I had just finished watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and decided to recreate the scene where Kevin rigs up a see-saw to trap the burglars who are after him. So I got a big heavy rock, put a plank on it, put another rock (this one as big as my head) on one side and jumped on the other.

When the rock swung up and hit my head I specifically remember it not hurting. I remember reaching up to feel what had happened and crumbling away something that felt like crusted dirt — I guessed it was fragments of rock, but it did not seem to be pulverised bone. After I’d finished crumbling away at my poor forehead I began to bleed profusely, like something out of a bad Filipino horror movie. When my mom saw this she scooped me up and started pinching me and calling me stupid, and why did I do such a silly thing? She brought me to the regional clinic in a tricycle, where the doctor sewed my forehead up (without anasthesia I think, though again I don’t remember it hurting).

That cost me around nine stitches, and now we all know how Desi got thirty-odd stitches in the same spot on his head. The scar is quite gone now, but you can still feel a bit of a bump where the doctor used nonabsorbable suture and we didn’t take it out.

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