Harvest time

Created on Sunday, January 4, 2009.
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Okay, yes, it’s time to have a look at the vegetable garden. It is like the overbearing heat of the Australian summer is manna for crops. Have a look.

Everything is blooming, fruiting or pushing out young leaves.

The lettuce (I am sure it is cos lettuce, but I’ve since forgotten) is growing extremely well now, and I suspect that I could have planted them twice as close together with no ill effects, aside from a little crowding if they are not harvested regularly. Even though this lettuce is a non-heading variety (it doesn’t make a tight ball of leaves, like a cabbage does, for example), I harvest the entire plant at once by cutting a few centimetres above ground level with my trusty pocketknife. Young leaves reappear in less than a week.

Lettuce gives off latex (white sap) when cut, which is totally normal.

The tomatoes have begun ripening (not shown in the first picture) and we’ve eaten some already. This is an open tomato flower on its fruiting stem. After a day or two the flower dies and falls off, and the tomato begins to grow in its place.

It's a shame that they only last a few days, because they look great.

Also, it was time to harvest carrots. They’ve now been replaced with white spanish onions. You’ll notice that the root continues for a long way after the carrot proper ends. I assume that if I had let the carrot reach maturity, that it would have continued filling the rest of that root out until it reached full length.

Carrots, even young ones, are best harvested with a fork or shovel.

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