Ligature is finished

Created on Thursday, January 22, 2009.
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Ligature is finished, and I’ve started writing some stories. There are few stories presently, so there are few links between stories, but that will be fixed in time.

The project was originally going to be made up of many dissonant stories, and as you read each story, the meaning of the whole might be changed depending on the stories you read up to that point. Cool idea, but the project obviously didn’t really like it. After I wrote the first story it became more obvious that I had created a piece of software that could do something really well: provide an approximation of human memory: what we remember, what we don’t, and how we can be pulled out of one thought by the remembrance of something else. And ultimately, the sum value of a life when it flashes before your eyes at the end.

So now I’ve got to redesign the project’s site. I made a book design, but now it’s entirely irrelevant to the central theme.

If you want to start reading the project, here is the beginning.

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