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Created on Saturday, November 26, 2005.
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The Toy, a next-generation sex toy that connects to a mobile phone to allow men to stimulate their significant others via text message, is really, really odd.

Wired News’ Regina Lynn had a go at it and concluded sentimentally

“I set The Toy to different motion sequences but had the same nonsexual response each time… [but] as for connecting the vibration to SMS, it’s brilliant. Not because each character in the message can trigger 45 possible vibration effects, but because of the attention required to set off those effects. Each incoming message tells a woman that her partner is thinking about her, and imagining her in a sexual way. Each message communicates that he finds her desirable and sexy.”

The Toy Will Bring You Joy, from Wired News.

This is at great odds with the creator of The Toy:

“ The toy bursts into action, sensation ripples through your body.
Flushed, you look around, has anyone noticed?
No, no-one knows your secret…
Then The Toy stops…

Imagine wanting more… NOW!”

The Toy‘s marketing site

Oh, what fun.

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