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Created on Saturday, February 21, 2009.
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After a long search for music that was suitable for laid-back activities — like for programming, or reading or just relaxing — I now see that the answer was in video games, of course.

Animal Crossing on the Gamecube has a stellar soundtrack. For every real-world hour, the game had a variation of its theme that would play as the background music. The evening music is what we’re after, since it’s mellow. For hurry-up music you would be looking for the morning and afternoon variations.

Here is a very good one, which you can rip from Youtube to an MP3 file if you are curious enough. Here is another, a piano song, which appeared in the game as winter music.

In Animal Crossing there was a dog named K.K. Slider who travelled around all of the towns and sang on top of his rendition of in-game instrumental music for whomever wanted to listen. He plays a guitar, but for some reason his songs always came as piano. We can only assume that his guitar is some sort of hybrid: a piatar.

He also sings, but no one in Animal Crossing acutally spoke in anything but squeaks and mews, so don’t be thrown off by it when you listen. Really, it’s kind of cute.

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