Night time

Created on Sunday, March 1, 2009.
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I have started playing The Sims again to balance out all of the Supreme Commander, and I do not think it is a very accurate simulation of human emotion. I have The Sims 2 coming this week, so we will see if it has improved. But I tried to simulate myself in the game and was successful in everything but the social aspect: my sim needed too much socialising. The best I could do was get him to last four days before he started crying of loneliness, but I once went four months where all the talking I did in a day lasted a total of less than half an hour. Shenanigans.

Sometimes I step outside at night to get something from my car and I feel a soft, cold breeze and I smell the night, the smell as vacant as the streets, and I wish that I was not in fact dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt and flip-flops but in pants and a dress shirt and a hat because I actually had somewhere to go and people were waiting for me and I might maybe meet someone who likes video games and Death Cab and The Office. And what better night? I loiter for a few seconds before coming back inside, here, to you, dear reader.

Oh hay guys, Ligature 1.0 is now up for download.

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