Fun things to do in Far Cry 2

Created on Thursday, March 26, 2009.
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Far Cry 2 has gotten a lot of bad feedback for being a very derivative shooter, for being very boring and dry because you do the same things over and over.

While it is true that all you do is shoot and explode things (it is an action game, after all), it’s a game that relies on you to mix things up yourself. If you approach Far Cry 2 as you would approach any other shooter, you are probably using the same tactics and the same weapons all the time, and that is why your experience is homogenous.

And so to help you on your way, here are some fun things to do in Far Cry 2, to help you liven up your play time.

  1. Attack a camp with only a flare gun. The easy way is to set fire to everything with it. The hard way is to use it as a pistol.
  2. Coordinate an ‘air’ strike. Grab an RPG-7 and fire it into the air at an angle of around 70°. The RPGs will soon fall straight to the ground, owning everything and starting fires.
  3. Make your own top-attack anti-vehicle weapon by grabbing a Carl Gustav and firing it straight up without aiming. Then point the weapon’s scope at your target to guide the rocket straight onto it. You don’t need to keep aiming at it; simply aim at the target once, then go do something else. You can hit the ground behind buildings or hills by aiming the rocket above the obstacle, and then dipping the scope groundwards once the rocket is past.
  4. Rig up a vehicle with explosives by crouching in front of a vertical surface (the side of a car, the inside of a boat) and placing an IED; you will stick the explosive to the surface instead of just throwing it. Place up to eight IEDs by hitting the Ironsights button. Drive the vehicle into an enemy camp and bail.
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