Being a good developer is a lot of work

Created on Sunday, November 27, 2005.
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Three things I’m currently tearing my hair over:

  1. Semantically correct form layout. I’m redesigning Writer’s Block‘s Admin section and I’ve only now realised that it is easy to create a form, but very difficult to be a nice guy and make a good form that’s usable and accessible and looks pretty.
  2. I can’t draw. Just look at my website: I dislike colors. I dislike colors because I can’t use them. Mea maxima culpa.
  3. I can’t draw icons. Drawing icons is more than putting pen to paper or pixel to bitmap; you have to think of the right metaphor to use in the icon and then make the icon easily recognisable. A folder on your desktop is a good metaphor because a) we know folders can hold things, and b) it quite obviously looks like a folder.

5:23 PM: I found Mark James’ site, and he happens to make lots of little icons specifically for web applications. His icons are under an Attribution license, but I like to trumpet the virtues of a good thing when I see it, so expect to see a few icons from the Silk collection popping up around the site, and expect the Admin section of Writer’s Block v3․6 to use lots of them.

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