Voluntary Euthanasia Form Letter

Created on Wednesday, September 8, 2010.
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This is a short email I sent to Australian political lobby group GetUp!. Feel free to use it in your emails or faxes. A list of contact numbers of Australian Senators is available at the senate website.

With all the advances in medical and life support technology the problem of staying alive has fallen by the wayside. We have a new problem: how to die properly. What used to take merely hours or days can now stretch for many months, and with that comes a loss of quality of life, both for the patient and for the family. I once read an account of how a patient was being kept heavily sedated and, whenever he awoke, he would weep because he was still alive. I cannot imagine that the best and most humane way for a person to die is doped up to the point of incoherence.

We last had a Euthanasia Bill, the Rights of The Terminally Ill Act, back in 1995-1997 in the Northern Territory, before it was defeated by a bunch of senators who moralised and preached instead of listening to the 77% of Australians who supported the Bill at the time.

In 2008 there was a girl, Angelique Flowers, terminally ill with Crohn’s Disease and colon cancer. She appealed to the Rudd Government via YouTube to support a voluntary euthanasia bill, but nothing eventuated. She died the way she never wanted to, from a total blockage that forced her to vomit up the contents of her bowels. In her YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdxd_EFDd4s) she said,

“The law wouldn’t let a dog suffer the agony I’m going through before an inevitable death. It would be put down. Yet under the law, my life is worth less than a dog’s. […] If euthanasia was legal, I could have ended my days as I chose, finding peace before leaving this world, not panic and more pain. […] I have been robbed of both my living and my dying.”

We need voluntary euthanasia. Dr. Nitschke’s Exit International is starting a pro-euthanasia advertising campaign within the next few days. Please, please give them your support.

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