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Created on Saturday, December 17, 2005.
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A few interesting things I gleaned from looking at my server’s log. All information is correct for today at the time of 1:36 PM.

  1. I get an average of 108 unique IPs per day, with an average bandwidth usage of 3 MBs per day. Given that most of my site is text, that’s amazing usage.
  2. The RSS feed is the most popular page, followed by the 404 page. Hmm.
  3. 43.7% of my visitors use Internet Explorer. At least we know 43.7% of visits isn’t me: I use Firefox.
  4. The growth of the site has rocketed by about 400 unique IPs per month since September when I released Writer’s Block.
  5. I get fewer comments than when my site was marginalised and unpopular. This may be because I spend more time writing crowd-pulling software than writing inflammatory material.

I also find it odd that txt․page — a 67-line script — is completely eclipsing Writer’s Block — a 3647-line application — in terms of popularity. txt․page has double the page views and downloads of Writer’s Block, and it got them in only a month or so.

Could this be some sort of untapped need? Do other people need to display boring manuscripts too?

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