Christmas feels more sucky

Created on Wednesday, December 21, 2005.
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Does anyone else feel that Christmas becomes less exciting (and even less interesting) as you get older?

I suppose it’s the realisation that soon you won’t be getting any presents, compounded by the obligation to buy presents for myriad other people.

I don’t think my godlessness has anything to do with my disinterest in Christmas, though it does explain why I’m still excited about getting presents. My sister keeps telling me that my presents haven’t been purchased yet, but I know they have. I know. You don’t ever duck into a game store just to ask for a plastic bag, thank you.

I hope that my copy of System Shock 2 reaches me before Christmas day (or soon after), and that all of you, my friends, have a wonderful Christmas four days from now (or five if you live in the Northern Hemisphere).

P.S. If you’re wondering why the ID number of this post is more advanced than necessary, it’s because I originally posted about wanting to make a very light remote-controlled helicopter. I abandoned the project when faced with the money I’d have to spend and the complexity of learning how to make tiny electronic components shut up and listen. But I will make one eventually.

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