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Created on Wednesday, October 5, 2005.
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Edit October 6: I fixed a typo that stopped people from commenting. Now go comment.
I’ve also put version 1․0 of Writer’s Block up for download.

The publishing program rollover from CheesyBlog to Writer’s Block took less than a minute to finalise. All URLs are as they were, but there is added functionality:

  1. Back to Top link
  2. Inline text-only navigation saves you, the user, one click
  3. Previous/Next post navigation links in both the index page and the permalink/comments page
  4. View blog posts and non-blog pages by category
  5. RSS feed has more fields
  6. A lot of pages dynamically update now

All very basic features by the way, but they were absent when I was using CheesyBlog. I think you’ll like them.

The page design has also changed. The column is now fifty pixels wider and the font is much larger: no more strained eyes! The pull-down navigation menu and the Hidey click-to-show hotspots were removed because they used Javascript and because most of you didn’t even know you could click the hotspots.

Look around, and enjoy. I know I will!

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