24-Hour Pie Chart

Created on Sunday, January 22, 2006.
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I have much more incentive for getting a car now. This first pie graph is a depiction of how my day would break down if I had a car:

I work 8.5 hours and travel 1.3 hours.

This bar graph depicts how my day currently breaks down, seeing as I don’t have a car and must use public transport:

I work 8.5 hours and travel 6 hours.

Six hours of travel! Six! Can you believe it? I could go interstate with that much time!

So the worst part of not having a car is that time that would usually be taken up by beautiful video games is now taken up by plodding trains and buses which may even be late. As it stands I leave home at 6:45 AM and come back at 8:30 PM.

This will be going for the 4–6 months it takes me to save $6000 to buy a car.

My poor video games will be so lonely.

P.S. How does your day break down, friendly reader? Why don’t you make a pie chart of your own and email it to me?

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