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Created on Sunday, January 29, 2006.
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My pastry chef’s apprenticeship cuts into my schedule of doing chop, watching late-night SBS and playing video games. But it’s good work.

On my first day my feet were very painful and I spent hours in front of the sink. I also cut my right middle finger on the edge of a metal table. The wound later became slightly infected.

On my second day I burned myself when I almost slipped while carrying a tray of hot ramekins. The ramekins slid onto my inner forearm, where there are two very prominent red marks. My feet hurt very badly.

On my third day my feet didn’t hurt very badly, though I did cut myself twice on the edges of sharp metal baking tools while washing up.

On my fourth day my feet were not at all bad and I washed like the wind. I cut myself again while washing, and my wounds stung while I was putting citrus pieces on tarts.

All in all, the job is pretty cool.

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