Squeegee of Righteous Justice

Created on Friday, February 10, 2006.
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At a particular busy intersection on my way home there is a man, often shirtless and with a cigarette between his lips, who washes the windshields of passing cars. People often think that a man like this is too lazy to get a job, and why do tax-payer dollars go to such worthless people? I like to think that he already has a job, probably in delivery or construction, and that cleaning windshields is a dirty little secret of his; something that he could be punished very dearly for if Centrelink caught wind of the extra income he was earning.

Because he is earning this extra income. Though I do not particularly admire or respect him, it is novel to think of him as Generic Aussie Battler, who gets one over the government and supposedly-unscrupulous employers by applying his Squeegee of Righteous Justice and Entitlement to chunks of dirty crystal, a fair dinkum warrior who tangles with grime instead of drought-stricken soil. In such a light, the legend of the Battler seems almost romantic.

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