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Created on Sunday, March 19, 2006.
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An idea struck me as I read a Sherlock Holmes story, A Scandal in Bohemia:

“For many years [Sherlock Holmes] had adopted a system of docketing all paragraphs concerning men and things, so that it was difficult to name a subject or person on which he could not at once furnish information.”

I actually began developing Index Card software back in 2005, but put it down to begin work on Writer’s Block. It worked really well; you could view all cards, select a random card, search cards by title or content, or sort cards by title or category. The only thing missing is the ability to interlink words as in a Wiki.

I feel like starting a small index card catalog, not as thorough or especially factual as a Wiki, but really the same idea. Maybe the sick maze of information will allow you, dear reader, to delve into my puerile mind.

In the next week I will be working on adding some measure of autolinking to my existing software. Maybe I’ll have a list of words to indicate to the software that such words should be linked. Maybe I’ll have a glyph system like a normal Wiki (double square brackets) to create links quickly.

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