A 184-word sentence with no periods

Created on Wednesday, October 12, 2005.
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Billy-Bob McDuvet wrapped himself in a warm quilt and braced himself for what was to be another icy day — had the weather in the steppes always been this cold? — as he again set out to explore the woods near his home; he loved the woods: he loved the privacy they afforded him — for what normal or perverse reason is unclear and not part of this narrative; loved the sounds of the animals as they scurried, lived and died around him; loved the patterns the sunlight made on the sweet-smelling humus when it shined through the canopy of the forest: but most of all he loved the peace he experienced every time he went for a walk here, the separation from man-made noise often inspired crazed fits of delirious, jubilant shouting because he knew nobody could hear him, and this was such a moment: Billy-Bob stood stock-straight, pointed like a beacon into the heavens and yelled, “I’m going to make the longest sentence I can, leaving out the punctuation mark that officially ends it until the very end!”

(I know there was a question mark near the start, but you’re allowed to use it without ending the sentence.)

That's all there is, there isn't any more.
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