Created on Saturday, June 17, 2006.
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As she walked heavily along the sidewalk she could not help but notice the children pulling each other unevenly in a silly-looking billycart. She bit her lips as she wondered why it seemed so alien. How could it be strange to see two children playing in the street when, just a few years ago, every child was playing in the street? Did children even play any more? In her lifetime little girls had gone from playing with miniature ovens to playing with mobile phones, boys from stamped-steel lawnmowers to silicon-chipped gaming consoles. At some arbitrary point the world had moved away from home and family and a quiet life in the ‘burbs. She wasn’t sure of the direction it was heading, but everything was so unfamiliar as to be just a little frightening.

As the billycart rolled away she thought, “It’s good to see something familiar.”

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