What you see is who you are

Created on Saturday, August 12, 2006.
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Probably the worst thing about being human is the uniqueness. We’re told that just by looking at people we can tell that they’re all unique in terms of appearance and behaviour, and that this uniqueness runs even deeper if we use our other senses, but let’s take a step back — let’s look at this from another angle.

If a person does something bad, other people are pretty quick to shun him. They say, “We would never do a thing like that. We’re not like those horrible people.” And they kick up a big fuss and propose tighter laws, more painful punishments, more permanent penalties. But let me tell you now, reader, that the young boy stealing gum from the newspaper stand? He is you. And that girl who marries a man for his immigration papers, she is you. That jingoist waving a pistol in the air and that no-good hippy smoking his shirt and chalking the CND symbol on the pavement and that teenager who cares about partying and none about politics, they are all exactly you. And that gum-chewing soldier on the opposing force who rapes village women, the soldier who fires the first shot in a terrible massacre, the Japanese officers who competed to be the first to kill a hundred people with a sword during World War II, god damn, they are you.

You think you are a good person, reader, but you are wrong. You are a bad person, and so are your friends and family. Look around you. What you see is who you are.

You are a bad person, dearest reader. What are you going to do about it?

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