Lonely tree

Created on Friday, October 21, 2005.
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A tree grows alone &#8212 and it’s not hard to understand why. It grows gnarled in want of care, and the awkward branches that splay from its twisted trunk, striking out at impossible angles, throw a grotesque shadow on the grass. At night its fibres creak from age and pressure, and if it storms the old tree howls when the wind lashes its thin branches, like an injured animal left to die alone, alone in such a stark and lonely place.

And the wind bends it every time.

There’s an urgent bugfix for Writer’s Block.

It’s out. A feat of amateur engineering! The next Dragnet release is guaranteed to have multiple categories because I’m getting sick of everything being limited to one category each. Like this post is half-Describe and half-Updates and I can’t even reflect that. [Edit 24/10/05: I added multi-categories to v3․1 in a single night and as you can see it’s working great!]

Buggy coding in the v3․0 release of Writer’s Block (don’t worry, it’s fixed now) erased the contents of the 169-word sentence post! I’ve had to rewrite it freshly, and now it’s 184 words in all!

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