I read 112 books before September 2, 2011

Created on Friday, September 2, 2011.
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Before I started this mini-blog, I had a GoodReads account.


This is the first entry of a mini-blog that will record the books I’ve completed, as well as act as a storage area for any passages I might highlight from those books so that I can pull them from a central spot. I’ll summarise each book with a single sentence, and give it a rating out of five stars depending on how good I think it is. The deeper question of how much I really value any given book should be clear from the number of excerpts I have taken from it.

Before I started this mini-blog I made a list of the books that I had completed, to the best of my memory, on GoodReads. There are no highlights for these 112 books because I did not have a Kindle at the time (and because GoodReads has no function for keeping them anyway). There were more that were not included, of course. I remember some of them now (like Hatchet by Greg Paulsen), but I don’t really want to go to the trouble of adding them all to the list; if I didn’t remember them before, it means they did not really mean much to me.

You can read the list as a PDF.

Update: As of 11 September 2011, I have stopped adding star ratings to books, and removed the existing ratings also. The ratings were rather pointless because I only ever finish books that I like, which meant that I was limited to basically three, four, or five stars for every single book.

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