Capslock Numpad

Created on Saturday, January 5, 2019.
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Emulate a numeric keypad on a Windows computer that doesn’t have one.



Extract CapslockNumpad.exe, numpad_red.ico, and numpad_green.ico to anywhere on your computer. Run CapslockNumpad.exe. The executable does not write anything to your computer.

Press Ctrl + CapsLock to toggle the numpad on and off. Press \ (above the Enter key) to toggle NumLock.

The source code is in the /src/ directory of the GitHub repo if you want to edit the script.

789 uio jkl type 789 456 123 respectively. 0./- type themselves. = types +. \ is NumLock.

The tray icon for CapslockNumpad changes colour to indicate the state of the numpad (red for disabled, green for enabled). I recommend setting this icon to always be visible in the tray (in Windows 10: Right-click the taskbar ? Taskbar settings ? Notification area ? Select with icons appear on the taskbar).


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