Pomodoro Technique egg timer MP3s

Created on Wednesday, February 17, 2016. I last modified it on Monday, February 15, 2016.
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I like using an egg timer for time management but I don’t want to disturb others with its ticking, so I made MP3 tracks of an egg timer.


What are these?

These are MP3 recordings of an egg timer ticking for 25 minutes, and finally ringing at the end of that period. One of the MP3s has brown noise in the background because it helps me concentrate.

But why?

I love the Pomodoro time-management technique and use it whenever I need to buckle down and really work. At home, I like to time my pomodoros (1 pomodoro = 1 block of working time) with this fantastic cow-shaped egg timer because it makes a great ticking sound. The ticking tells me, It’s hammer time!

But I don’t want to use my cow timer at work because I don’t want to disturb my co-workers with the ticking. So I made these MP3s so that it could always be hammer time, anywhere and in any scenario.

Source audio clips

Thanks to Ross Stack for the recording of a ticking egg timer.

Thanks to Jon Monteverde for the recording of a timer’s bell ringing.

I used Audacity to generate the brown noise and to cut all of these sounds together.

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